What is Tango?

Argentine Tango dance is a social dance that accompanies tango music. It is an energetic, playful, and passionate dance involving two dance partners which is of a great potential for connection and expression. It is referred to as a passionate dance because of the close attachment between the dance floor partners. Argentine Tango dance is characterized by the urge to listen to and talk with the dance partner. It involves both the leader and a follower. The leader offers an invitation to the follower through embrace while the follower decides on the way to accept the leader’s invitation. Both of them maintain a harmony and connection throughout the dance.

Tango is more than just a dance, it teaches a lot about how people can grow individually and in a relationship. The posture helps the dancers get more intimate and connected to their partners.

  • Close personal contact with other human beings has a positive effect on human health, lowering stress and blood pressure and decreasing the risk of loneliness and depression.
  • Tango dancing in a maintained embrace provides the benefits of close personal contact.