Save the date!!
Coming to the dance floors of Alan Clarke’s dance studios.
177 upper Donegal Street. Belfast.
We have guest Tanguero Robin Graeme Thomas travelling from
New York City. Robin is one of the most well respected and influential teachers of Argentine Tango in the United States. For over 15 years Robin has travelled relentlessly and taught in almost every city in the USA. He is largely seen for the rise in the level of dancing in the community where he’s based, New York City.
For the last 10 years Robin has particularly been involved with the development of tango communities at Yale, Princeton and Columbia Universities. Having seen tango change so much over the years, having seen trends that come and go, Robin teaches what is universal in tango regardless of style, what he has seen remain constant since he started dancing in 1999: musicality, connection, good floor craft, and simple moves that work on crowded dance floors.
The workshop will be from 7 to 8:30 followed by milonga with Robin as DJ also.

Workshop on “giros and steps for dancing in crowded dance floor”
£10 for workshop only