Workshops weekend with Aldo & Ana Lía


We are very pleased to announce a great weekend of workshops with great tango teachers!

After a long time, Aldo & Ana Lía are coming back to Belfast to share once more their long time tango knowledge and their specialty: milonga and milonguero style!

Classes for every level will be available and one marvellous milonga to show off your new steps and enjoy the professionals’ performance!

Here is the program:


 1) 12.30-1.45  Milonga: simple and double time on the dance floor (imp/int)


 2) 2.15-3.30 Giro: Salon style and both sides (imp/int)

 3) 3.45-5.00 Out of axis movements for the dance floor (adv)

MILONGA – from 8.30pm


 4)  12.00-1.15 Milonga: Complex sequences with traspié (int/adv


 5) 2.15-3.30 Embrace and ochos in Milonguero style (int/adv)

 6) 3.45-5.00 Complex sequences in Milonguero style (adv)

Venue: Shaftesbury Bowling Club, Annadale Ave.

PRICES for pre-booking (pay on Monday night)
1 Workshop £12
2 Workshops £22
3 Workshops £30
4 Workshops £38
5 Workshops £45
6 Workshops £50

Prices on the door: 1 Workshop £13
*We cannot guarantee 50/50 leader/follower


Price: £7 (£3 for non dancers)